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Don’t could you please advise me of that but if I do could you advise me if there are any caps or exclusions humana dental that I need to be aware of so that I could let my contractor know so that he could be properly prepared I’ve also copied him to.

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This email and I Wanted to introduce you to him as well him or her now that’s first now second.

I would also encourage you just a matter of routine inside of your company process that

Whenever you sign up a new client I Would immediately take the simple agreement and .

This is an agreement we have in our course but the essence of it is that you don’t want to spell out dollar amounts in .

This agreement it really is just a one paragraph basic simple agreement that says really nothing more than I have hired ABC contracting company as my general contractor to perform all repairs .

That are prescribed by this particular claim claim number such-and-such for the total amount of the RCV their signature company signature on company letterhead that’s the agreement that proves to the insurance company.

That a general contractor has now been hired for this claim okay so at a later point when you start sending in estimates to an inside desk adjuster for example and again you can find how to do that on more of mycontent tha.

We’re not getting into that this particular episode but when you submit estimates or any kind of correspondence to an insurance company one of.

the things that they’ll do or if you try to call them to inquire about the status of the review of your estimate a lot of times they’re going to give you