The truth of ameritas dental insurance

ameritas dental like gosh thumbs up thumbs up oh look super good so we go going you Australian House Italian yeah ameritas dental .

I would wake up Hebrew procedure Sylvan tethering on mouth and we’ll go back to agree yeah okay day one.

ameritas dental

ameritas dental

  • Thank you so much honestly it’s still walking apart and that’s way better than every other Gitmo experience ever had
  • it’s actually kind of relaxing I’m really relaxed right now I think that might be the frogs yeah.
  • I’m going to go sleep for hours tonight when I got my wisdom teeth taken out a put me down to sleep obviously
  • when I was put down but I swear I had that was the best sleep I’ve ever had in my entire life but I got sick and when .

I woke up coz the anesthesia but that was like literally the best sleep look I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t dream not that I remember a dream I don’t know if you do you dream Leona deep sleep like that but cuz .

I think you sleep more on stage not stage is like like the earlier stages are REM of REM so I think it’s like just a really deep sleep and it was just awesome sleep good morning YouTube as you can see .

I am definitely experiencing some swelling last night was not the easiest out of my life but certainly was not to work and as you can see I’ve been practicing speaking without teeth and

I’m getting a little bit better at the whole line under sip and cold water or putting ice packs on my face produced swelling and you look I have no real bruising I’m really surprised about that there is some rosing .

where it’s slow and it’s rolling right here if you can tell the teacher on the lips are a little swollen everything else it’s pretty comfortable I’m surprised how good I am at speaking without cheese go get ,

my new teeth before we do though we weren’t you I think go get a surprise Nick Oram and Jarrett.

t we’re talking last night and obviously I need a haircut I want to get a nice buzz cut I also need to trim up this beer oh my god is this what I look like when we actually put effort into it ladies you did an amazing go .

thank you all right guys look at that she is working on him right now they were back there they’re about to be in my mouth and he meant beautifully Oh God oh my god it’s way nicer

Than the teeth I was supposed to have originally look at that Wow oh my god see Carl that’s he right there you’re a different guy oh my god I think this doesn’t even look like me I’m so nervous