The Real Truth Of Medicare Dental Plans

Medicare Dental Plans what you get is rapid tooth movement so the goal isn’t to just keep applying more force to the teeth we all know¬†Medicare Dental Plans well what happens there that causes lots of trouble for all of us so the goal is to get the rate of bone remodeling to increase and the .

Way you do that is by introducing more cytokine it’s the main ingredient of all the inflammatory markers the cytokine presence is the the best indicator of what the rate of bone remodeling will be so our goal is to elevate the cytokine production in our .

Medicare Dental Plans

Medicare Dental Plans

Aeolus and that what that’ll in turn do is remodel the bone faster so the teeth move faster so we’re looking for acceleration so orthodontics and a recent survey or a statistical paper was produced that showed more and more adults are looking for orthodontics.

we’re gonna be focusing on adult orthodontics because we’re dealing with a micro-st or perforation technique this technique I offer to patients who are and above and the the the age below.

I have not utilized it yet on anybody under the age of so basically micro stereo perforation is what the word says small bone perforation and so we’re going to make a little wound you know perforating the bone is wounding the bone and wounding the bone generates .

The inflammatory response to heal it so every time you wound the bone the body responds by wanting to heal it and the elevation of the inflammatory markers helps the bone heal bone healing bone remodeling.

those are two similar things so when we have an orthodontic process in place which could be anything from braces to clear aligners to removable appliances .

whatever you might want to describe them as when you’re introducing Mike Ross the O perforation it gives you an advantage on any level regardless of your orthodontic technique and once a patient understands