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renaissance dental¬†would pretty much had the place to ourselves and you know the facility’s safety instructor helped everybody kind of learn how to climb the wall and how to do the belay and keep everybody safe whenever.

Was in harnesses and stuff renaissance dental so everybody does it and then she and I had created an exercise to address this issue so what we did is we put them in teams of two and one was going to be the climber and one.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Was going to be the ballet and the climber was going to be blindfolded and all the teams of two were competing against each other to get to the top first at the top of the wall and there was a really nice prize.

That my client had purchased for the winning team and so they’re all going to compete to get to the top but they have to do it twice their team has to win twice to win the prize and so the first time .

we do it they could they could only put their foot in their hand on certain colored holes so if they touched a different colored hold they were disqualified had to start over and remember the climber is blindfolded so .

The climber cannot see the colors so the belay who is not blindfolded has to shout instructions to the climber and as the climate gets further and further away and it’s getting closer and closer to the top and the belay is looking over and seeing the competitors getting also either beating them or getting close to beating.

Them the energy and the whole you know frustration level started rising and escalating and as they escalated they began to act out they began to act if like they did in the practice and they were shouting to each other and they say you .

know lift your leg you know lift your leg you know what three inches three inches no no lift your leg and they you know the climber would shout down which leg just you can just talk about irritation .

the frustration and they just were unraveling just like they do in the practice so we had him come down and we had them talk about why and how and what was happening and when did it occur and.

what were some strategies that they could implement that if they did this again would make that better when they felt the frustration when they felt it how could they communicate differently so that .